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In today’s crowded marketplace, we aim for you to stand out. At Onstage, the voice of your brand and business matters most.Crafting the right content to help express your signature voice in a unique way and to the maximum impact.
Finding the right approach that differentiates you to capture attention and leave a mark. Delivering your message with a high-level content that is engaging and encouraging. Setting the right stage to reach a specific, targeted audience and hit your goals. And presenting the right pace, pitch and fluency to let you break through the noise and reach customers that embrace your perspectives.

At Onstage, we get your unique voice out there. We aim to increase your volume and make you the loudest in the room. We let the ‘true’ voice of your brand and business be heard.

Loud. Proud. And clear.

Welcome to Onstage.

Headquartered in Dubai, Onstage International is a leading speaker and celebrity agency servicing the UAE, GCC, and some major international metropoles.

Onstage International is sought-after for its elite professionals in the speaking and television industry across lifestyle, business, and government genres.

  • MCs/hosts to liven up event and engage audience
  • Keynote speakers for specialised subjects such as finance, marketing, new media and management
  • Reporters for red carpet engagements
  • TV presenters for filming projects
  • Moderators for business engagements including panel discussions
  • Sport commentators
  • Auctioneers for charity events
  • Motivational speakers
  • Celebrity judges
  • Celebrity appearances
  • Luxury brand influencers
  • Performing artists


Languages delivered:
English | Arabic | Hindi | Farsi | French | Bi-lingual.

MCs, Presenters, and Speakers

Celebrities and Performing Artists

Onstage Academy


Meet Onstage Talents

Onstage International represents and works with some of the most talented people from the region and internationally to get your message heard.

Onstage International’s elite team of MCs, presenters, moderators, keynote and motivational speakers are professionally trained and, most importantly, come with a proven track record, working with superior international brands.

Onstage Elite Talents

Shereen Mitwalli

MC, Broadcaster, Speaker


Habiba El Saadany

MC, Broadcaster



MC, Broadcaster



MC, Broadcaster



MC, Sports Commentator


Onstage International represents a variety of regional & international talent- please contact us on bookings@onstage.ae or +971 4452 3343 to discuss your exact requirements and receive a tailored quote!


Create Interest and Boost the Excitement Level for Your Events

Onstage International can arrange celebrities to attend key engagements for speaking opportunities or guest appearances to enhance event experience and exposure. Based on budget, Onstage International can propose options from the UK, Australia, USA, Hollywood, and Bollywood to suit various categories from sports, lifestyle, business, politics, and philanthropy.

Motivational Speakers

A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience. Let Onstage assist you with finding the perfect motivational speaker to encourage your audience. 

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Build Your Brand’s Credibility and Enhance Social Presence

Onstage International understands that selecting the right influencers is critical in marketing to increase social engagement and improve presence. Through tactical and reach analysis, Onstage International identifies certain individuals from the community, locally and internationally, that have powerful influence over potential buyers and orients marketing activities around these influencers.


Gain Confidence and Advance Your Career

Onstage Academy’s mission is to deliver the skills of effective public speaking and communication to maximise your success on and off stage. Public speaking is a fundamental skill for career and life success.

Expert public speakers at Onstage Academy can help you get on the path to successful speaking through a two-day intensive workshop.

Media Training is also offered and is vital for Senior Managers and CEOs to perfect their technique when being interviewed by the press.



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